Fly Me to the Moon

Fly Me to the Moon
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This is a live studio recording of jazz standards and one original song with a trio featuring Matthew Wall on guitar and Terry Pack on double bass.

Got your CD thanks, thought I’d listen to it whilst I was sending a few emails. Well! you know what? I stopped, walked into the long lounge, sat on the sofa, closed my eyes and was transported into another dimension! Felt as if you were physically in the room, great reproduction and your diction is as good as Sinatra’s in his prime! Really enjoyed it! you’ve got another fan right here! Thank you!
— Gary Balser

Also available to  download here

Find it on most streaming sites as well as iTunes 



Only available to download

Only available to download

This is an album I made in 2004 which was really a collection of my best songs to date that I didn't want to keep to myself any longer. It's a mish mash of styles with some lovely messages.

In case I forgot to ever say this, I always want you to sing. You are my voice ‘cos I can’t sing! I listen to ‘Dreams come true’ when I feel down and I need reminding about hope etc, and it always saves me! Never forget how powerful a song/vibration it is.
— Jake Yearsley

It is currently on Bandcamp which is a great spot for independent music, it lets you stream three times before you buy.