The Year of FRUITION


2018! I am ready to give birth to some of my ideas and create NEW MUSIC.

My daughter celebrates her 16th birthday this week and it is no coincidence that the timing of this new phase of her life goes with that of mine. 

It was about 10 yeas ago that I lost my mojo, being a single mother took lots of energy, cost lots of money  and left me no space to create the open canvas of time in which to write. I had always said that the way I described writer's block was a "research period" and it seems in my case I was right, so now I am 45 years old, with the sagacity that comes with time, I am ready to share what I have learned and am learning (it's a constant process) in song.

Greetings Alison,

I never shared this with you; however when Dreams Come True (the original version) first came out I stumbled upon it in a state of depression, and not wanting to live anymore. However, suicide was not an option. So I was in search of some kind of inspiration that would assist me in rising about the despair that was trying to pull me down and I came across Dreams Come True online. I listened to that song every day throughout the day and the fog lifted. You have truly been a Blessing to me. I am glad that you learned to follow your Souls Melody. Thank You for being one of my Guardian Angels. MOTHER/FATHER GODDESS/GOD used you to help me get through one of life’s storms. You are not only Beauty-Full outwardly, you are Beauty-Full inwardly as well. Your daughter is Blessed to have you as her mother, as you are to have her as your child. You are truly a Sacred Woman. Create A Beauty-Full Life For You and Your Daughter One Day At A Time!

I Love You Little Sis!

— Email

Another reason why I lost my mojo was my sense of purpose dissolved, I really thought it was my mission to save the world with love, music and song, I was on a Major Mission for Grand Exposure and while working with a kind of life coach/mentor person (  I discovered that perhaps it was not actually what I wanted. 

I changed my focus from outwards to inwards and delved deeper into the ways I could learn to be at peace with life and myself whilst slowly bringing the engine of entertainer into motion so that I was hired to sing covers at public venues and private events. This has been a great 10 years, focussing on family, myself and singing live which my favourite aspect of my job.

Carl Jung said " Life really does begins at 40. Up until then you are just doing research." I agree with him, I love being this age and there is a certain knowing of self, acceptance and experience that seems to make it easier for me. I have learned lots and I feel ready to share with those who are interested some of that learning in the form of song, one of the reasons I believe what I have to offer is of value is the feedback I have received over the years from the songs I have written so far. I have gathered 10 years of testimonials which have really moved me to keep sharing; my songs and my journey as well as singing for you all.

My most successful song is called Dreams Come True and I will be dedicating a whole page on this site to it because it has a life of it's own and yesterday I was trying to contact the writer of my most moving testimonial to ask if it was ok to publish it and discovered that he has passed into the non physical with cancer as the vehicle, I feel deeply touched that he took time to touch my life and hope he is sitting in this room with me now. If my songs touch even one person like this it is definitely worth creating and releasing more of them. the original version was never officially released properly, I had a series of songs on my computer from various demos, recordings and collaborations and I knew they were better shared than kept on a hard drive so a compiled an album and made 1000 CDs - more about this in my next update.

So, my next album is a concept, called The Family Album and I am hoping it will be funded by people who believe in me, are inspired by me or have been touched by my offerings. It's a collaborative process and I am sharing as much of it as I can, here and on Facebook, I feel like a vessel often, be it for your entertainment, upliftment or for Divine Wisdom, fun and silliness.

Join me on the journey!

From my heart to yours.


Alison David