I'll teach you to sing

I take on students for one lesson or more, some people just want to access their voice and some want to master it.


You can come to my home studio or I can teach you using online video.


I like to record my students if they are willing, as a singer myself I find I have better objectivity if I hear myself after a performance, I also like to use video for the same purposes.

This from one of my long term online students:

Thank you for the song you sent, it’s the first one that I’ve heard “me” on; rather than feeling shame at hearing my throat (and therefore myself) constricted.
It’s very exciting, as I feel that finally for the first time in my life since early childhood at least that she is coming out through my voice.
I feel like you have helped me to a point where I am finally liberating myself. You do this on many levels I feel, thank you lovely.
You are a very lovely woman and I do treasure my sessions with you, you have helped me in so many ways, that many people beforehand were unable to reach.
— Katrina