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I am feeling super creative right now, writing three albums, creating archive, and sharing my journey on social media and here. 

When I upload something new I will post it here for a month...

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More about my albums...


1. Contemporary music

At the moment I am creating the Alison David sound, I want music that makes me dance. I'm learning what that is; break beats, broken beats, latin, drum and bass, sub basses, jazz funk guitar, bass and keys, I also love a ballad.  

My lyrical content is about uplifting and connection, I want people to feel like they are not alone when they listen to my songs and believe that their dreams are possible.

2. Singing exercises  

As I learn how important it is to strengthen my voice, I am creating an album of Soulful Singing Exercises. This is for my benefit so that my practice is enjoyable and I'm hoping it will benefit others too.

3. Meditations

I love meditating, and sometime incorporating voice work into it, I have created something called Voice Release Therapy based on how singing has been so good for my health. It's all about self care really. 


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